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You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Joanna Crosse’s training may be badged voice coaching or media training but that doesn’t do it justice. The time I spent training with Jo is among the most valuable hours I’ve spent in my life. When there is so much training to choose from in the market place, Jo’s training is a one-off. Invaluable.

Rishi Bhattacharya, Instinctif

As a journalist and broadcaster, Joanna has the experience and understanding to help you perform at your best.
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Confidence Building

​Being truly confident is about knowing how good you really are. Joanna helps people up their game by developing their inner confidence and finding positive ways to deal with difficult or stressful situations. These sessions will benefit you in your personal and professional life. 

Interview Techniques

Whether you're preparing for a job interview or a university place, Joanna can help you to perform at your best and showcase the real you. Learn valuable techniques that will build your confidence, and make you stand out from the crowd.

Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive is about communicating clearly and confidently. Using the right language for the right situation and finding the best way to say the most difficult things is assertiveness at its best. Learn how to break patterns of aggressive or passive behaviour and find your voice. 


Being asked to give a speech at any event can be a daunting experience. Joanna will work with you to create engaging content and equip you with skills to deliver the speech confidently and authentically on the big day. 


Over the phone or online


Telephone : 01225 332857 

Mobile : 07786 175284 

1 Park Villas, Upper Bristol Road
Bath BA1 3AN

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