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Dr. Sarah Parcak, Professor of Archaeology


The University of Alabama at Birmingham and BBC Presenter

I love public speaking and presenting, but I never quite knew how to improve. Joanna taught me how to be more confident in being ‘me’ and how to share my passion for archaeology with larger audiences.

She has a rare talent for making people feel comfortable in themselves, while publicly speaking. The skills I learned from Jo will help me for the rest of my career!

Alex Beresford


ITV Network Weather Presenter

My sessions with Jo have taken my presenting to the next level. Her coaching style brings out the best in me and her advice always rings in my ears before I go into the studio. It’s a great feeling when you put the training into action and see the results on-screen.

Andrew Lindsay

Broadcaster & Lecturer in Journalism

I asked Joanna to work with my MA Journalism students as she was the coach – out of three – who really helped me to get to grips with voice work and presentation. To say they benefited from the experience would be a huge understatement. They left the session with great enthusiasm, they’re thinking about their work in different ways, and several asked if the University of Salford could adopt Joanna on a permanent basis. They actually wanted to take her home.

Paula Moore

Head of Fund and Client Services

Speaking up has never been a particular strength of mine. I prefer to be the quiet rational voice that only speaks up when ‘the wheels have come off’. After having some very direct feedback that my colleagues were very keen for me to give my views willingly, I was introduced to Joanna. Her intuitive approach and open enthusiastic manner completely put me at ease, and allowed me to see that I was presenting a view of myself that did not resonate with who I actually was. Every session I have had with her continues to strip away the layers of camouflage I have created over the years, and as a result I feel much more comfortable with showing who I really am and speaking up. Her help and wisdom has proved invaluable, and I would rank her training as the best business training I’ve had.

Barry O’Dwyer

Managing Director, BlackRock

Jo is a truly exceptional voice coach. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the importance in aligning a person’s core values to their message. Once she has helped you find this balance, communication suddenly becomes a lot more natural, fluid and fearless. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone who is looking to maximise their communication potential, in any walk of life.

Employ broadcast journalists to help you produce a professional, affordable, high quality video which you can use on your website or post on YouTube. Remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

Nicholas Wylde


Award Winning Jeweller

Joanna has written speeches for me and her valuable contribution has also helped me develop confident presentation skills. Jo’s expertise is demonstrated by her detailed research into particular areas of my business and consequently she delivers excellent presentation material. Her approach to planning is precise and our detailed discussions have led to a good working relationship which allows her to write in a comfortable style which is suitably fitting. Jo has also written several editorial articles for me. She has successfully approached the media with her personal contacts which has proved invaluable during my 25th anniversary and the launch of my exclusive Wylde Flower Diamond.

Her enthusiasm and bubbly attitude adds to her talents and makes her a great person to work with. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants help in expressing themselves or their business effectively.

Howard Wheeler


Head of

Communications & PR

Jo has a particularly helpful approach when teaching experts who may not have the natural confidence to explain clearly to a sometimes questioning and abrupt media complex issues and nuanced academic research.

She manages to both put people at ease and also give them the skills required to communicate straight forward, clear messages to the public and media whilst not being distracted by irrelevant, badgering questions on controversial issues. I would recommend Jo as a media coach without hesitation.

Léonie Spencer

Public Relations

We have worked with MetaMedia to train our media spokespeople.   Without exception, everyone who attended the training found it extremely useful and enjoyable. From our most self-assured media spokesperson to those who are new to media relations, everyone has come away from Joanna’s training with a greater understanding of the media and a feeling of confidence.

Our delegates all gained more confidence and awareness about dealing with the Media. Joanna is a true professional, who delivers in an encouraging and supportive way. Her sincerity and integrity is total. I have no hesitation in recommending her skills as incredibly valuable to any organisation or individual. 

Rishi Bhattacharya

Managing Partner

Joanna Crosse’s training may be badged voice coaching or media training but that doesn’t do it justice. The time I spent training with Jo is among the most valuable hours I’ve spent in my life. When there is so much training to choose from in the market place, Jo’s training is a one-off. Invaluable.

Antony Barnes

Bettys & Taylors Group

Joanna’s unique, cheerful and insightful style was instrumental in helping me steer a safe path through challenging times. As an Executive Developer Jo provided me with vital support from both a professional and personal perspective, helping me to develop an effective communication approach for dealing with difficult situations and discussions.

Naomi Summers


Director, Go Get Organised

Even though I used to work in television, I completely understand people’s fear of being on camera. You might think my TV experience would make it easier for me, but the fact is that I spent 15 years staying behind the scenes for a reason - the idea of going in front of the camera made me feel anxious. 

 Video is a great way for people to get to know you and understand the services that you offer. It shows your character and enables people to gain trust in you as a person; you’re no longer a stranger and they know who they are going to be dealing with. In short, video makes new customers feel comfortable.


 Trust me, I put it off as long as I could - but now I wish that I hadn’t. I had nothing to worry about at all. Joanna and Luke are a great team, and they instantly put me at ease. 

Since uploading the videos that we made - of me and some of the members of my team - I have seen first-hand from our web stats that people are spending longer on the GO Get Organised site now. New clients often say to me “I saw you on your video”, and as embarrassing as that was at first, it is a really great thing. It feels like they already have a connection with me and we can begin on a more relaxed footing.


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