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How to be yourself under pressure.

Joanna can help you to perform at your best in the most demanding situations. 
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Joanna Crosse

Presentation Training

Many people have a fear of presentations but the reality is that we’re always presenting ourselves to others, whether it’s an audience of one or a hundred. Joanna offers practical techniques and support to help individuals perform at their best.

Voice Coaching

Voice coaching sessions are not just about how you sound but having the confidence to find your voice and tell your story. Joanna helps clients to capitalise on their natural talents and skills and discover the best way to express themselves.

Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive is about communicating clearly and confidently. Using the right language for the right situation and finding the best way to say the most difficult things is assertiveness at its best. Learn how to break patterns of aggressive or passive behaviour and find your voice. 

Confidence Building

​Helping individuals to learn how good they are and how they can be more effective in the workplace and in their personal lives is about natural confidence. Joanna helps people up their game, develop their inner confidence and find positive ways to deal with difficult or stressful situations.

Leadership Skills

Leadership skills is about harnessing your potential in order to effectively manage a project or team, creating a positive environment which also allows others to develop. Joanna can help you to become a confident leader and learn to delegate effectively.

Raise Your Profile

We all need to be able to promote our skills and abilities. Having a clear vision of where you want to be is key. Learn how to network naturally and effectively and in turn raise your profile and build your business. 


Over the phone or online


Telephone : 01225 332857 

Mobile : 07786 175284 

1 Park Villas, Upper Bristol Road
Bath BA1 3AN

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