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Joanna Crosse

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Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive is about being able to communicate clearly and confidently, getting your message across and being heard. Learning assertive communication means identifying your audience, targeting your message and being able to listen well.

Using the right language for the right situation and finding the best way to say the most difficult things is assertiveness at its best. Learn how to break patterns of aggressive or passive behaviour and find your voice.

Testimonial – Antony Barnes – Bettys & Taylors Group

Joanna’s unique, cheerful and insightful style was instrumental in helping me steer a safe path through challenging times. As an Executive Developer Jo provided me with vital support from both a professional and personal perspective, helping me to develop an effective communication approach for dealing with difficult situations and discussions.


Capitalise on the decline of journalists and submit well written press releases and engaging features written by experts but presented by you or you company.

Testimonial – Nicholas Wylde – Award Winning Jeweller

Joanna has written speeches for me and her valuable contribution has also helped me develop confident presentation skills. Jo’s expertise is demonstrated by her detailed research into particular areas of my business and consequently she delivers excellent presentation material. Her approach to planning is precise and our detailed discussions have led to a good working relationship which allows her to write in a comfortable style which is suitably fitting. Jo has also written several editorial articles for me. She has successfully approached the media with her personal contacts which has proved invaluable during my 25th anniversary and the launch of my exclusive Wylde Flower Diamond.

Her enthusiasm and bubbly attitude adds to her talents and makes her a great person to work with. I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants help in expressing themselves or their business effectively.

Interview Techniques

Interview techniques are something we all need to embrace whether we’re applying for a place at University, a new position or in some cases reapplying for our own job. Many people spend the time worrying about the interview instead of planning and preparing properly. These sessions offer grounded and practical techniques to ensure you will perform at your very best on the day.

Testimonial – Linda Newbery – Author – Winner of the Costa Book Awards

It gave me such confidence to spend time with Joanna. There was no sense of being on a production line, or of going through a box-ticking exercise; Joanna seemed genuinely interested in my experiences and how I could talk about them. She showed me how aspects of my development as a writer could sound interesting – maybe even inspiring – to other people.

Confidence Building

So many times I have been asked by Training and HR departments to help a member of staff up their profile and achieve their potential. Invariably we stand in our own way or we are playing out some unconscious pattern or behaviour that we need to recognise and then we can deal with it.

Helping individuals to learn how good they are and how they can be more effective in the workplace is often down to clear communication skills. Joanna Crosse runs various sessions to help people up their game, develop their inner confidence and find positive ways to deal with difficult or stressful situations.