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Presentation Training

Many people have a fear of presentations but the reality is that we’re always presenting ourselves to others whether it’s an audience of one or a hundred. The key is to know your audience, put the preparation in and then you can be your natural self. Joanna offers practical techniques and support to help individuals perform at their best in front of their chosen audience.

Voice Coaching

Even broadcasters and presenters have invariably started out disliking the sound of their own voice and can end up tuning in to their inner critic rather than focusing on what they’re saying. Voice coaching sessions are not just about how you sound but having the confidence to find your voice and tell your story. Joanna helps clients to capitalise on their natural talents and skills and discover the best way to express them.

Testimonial – Barry O’Dwyer – Managing Director, BlackRock

Jo is a truly exceptional voice coach. She has a deep and intuitive understanding of the importance in aligning a person’s core values to their message. Once she has helped you find this balance, communication suddenly becomes a lot more natural, fluid and fearless. I can’t recommend her highly enough for anyone who is looking to maximise their communication potential, in any walk of life.

Testimonial – Rishi Bhattacharya – Managing Director, Edelman

Joanna Crosse’s training may be badged voice coaching or media training but that doesn’t do it justice. The time I spent training with Jo is among the most valuable hours I’ve spent in my life. When there is so much training to choose from in the market place, Jo’s training is a one-off. Invaluable.

Assertiveness Skills

Being assertive is about being able to communicate clearly and confidently, getting your message across and being heard. Learning assertive communication means identifying your audience, targeting your message and being able to listen well. Using the right language for the right situation and finding the best way to say the most difficult things is assertiveness at its best. Learn how to break patterns of aggressive or passive behaviour and find your voice.

Confidence Building

So many times I have been asked by Training and HR departments to help a member of staff up their profile and achieve their potential. Invariably we stand in our own way or we are playing out some unconscious pattern or behaviour that we need to recognise and then we can deal with it.

Helping individuals to learn how good they are and how they can be more effective in the workplace is often down to clear communication skills. Joanna Crosse runs various sessions to help people up their game, develop their inner confidence and find positive ways to deal with difficult or stressful situations.

Discover Your Inner Leader

Taking personal responsibility is a must for anyone who wants to achieve their personal best and be an effective team leader and manager. Gone are the days when we just take orders from others and these sessions help individuals to identify their expertise and what blocks they need to clear.

Raise Your Profile

Whether we’re promoting ourselves or a product we need to learn ways to raise our profile. It’s not about being a pushy salesperson but if you don’t let your potential customers know about something that could help them, even change their lives, then nobody else will. Learn how to network effectively and build your business in a natural and confident way.